WEAR KHADI KURTA WITH HANDWORK GOTTA PATTI,                                                                            

“Small things become great when done with Love!”

The face of Khadi has changed, but the craze for the National Fabric continues to grow. The trendy varieties of Khadi which have flooded the market in the past couple of years have enhanced it’s popularity among the younger generations as well. From Freedom fabric, to fashion clothing – Because who doesn’t loves Handmade? SHOP FROM IWEARKHADI .We have some great offers ...!!!  Buy 2 Get 20% OFF. Avail the offers this festive season..🤩

Aqua Blue Khadi Kurta with Aari Work - Rs 1700/*

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Khadi handloom is more than just a fabric to Indians!! Khadi as a  fabric that played a major role in the freedom movement and was the preferred textile of the common man in those days, is now grabbing the attention of Designers as well.

Designers fall in love with Khadi for different reasons, some love it for feel, some for texture, some for it’s origin and some for it’s usability – Common to them is to create something beautiful with a fabric made entirely by Human hands – And our aim is to help this community grow and spread love through Handmade. At IWEARKHADI we have kept our designs simple keeping the handloom spirit alive.  

Khadi kurta with embroidiery detailing.Available at Rs 1599/-

Khadi in itself is a complete look and does not need embellishment, but it can be customized as per the choice! Khadi in it’s original form with a little hand embroidery looks the best and is best suited for casual wear , festival wear.  It is however characteristic that khadi has moved out of the prevalent classification to a more exclusive class to a degree.


Price - 2250/- Khadi Kurta Gotta Patti 

Iwearkhadi  brings to you best of fashion in unique handwoven khadi styles in both men and women. Splurge in exclusive khadi range and get at best prices.

Khadi may not be very popular among the general public these days but I do believe that it is a integral part of our legacy and something that we should not forget! We have to inspire the present youth to wear our national fabric khadi!! Our venture wishes to inspire people to adopt this fabric in theoir daily lives and make it a style statement . 

Price - 1999/- Yellow Khadi Dress. 

Change the way we dress up by wearing Khadi and Be the change . Shop from full designer Khadi Women and Men Fashion .To beautify the world, we have no greater responsibility than to do so ethically and sustainably.”


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