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Fashion Influence of khadi on today’s youth

By :IWK khadi 1 comments
Fashion Influence of khadi on today’s youth

Holla folks ! Today I'am going to share my views on how fashion can influence youngsters!
Since fashion trends are not knew to anyone, they keep on changing, in fact they add diversity to our lives by offering an aspect of enthusiasm to strive for something new and different ...

khadi ! once considered a uniform traditional material, the fabric now caters to the needs of today's fashion conscious age group .....
popularised by many fashion designers, the fabric has gained international recognition and now a days a hot trend for youngsters as there is a lot of variety available in it as well...

this cool versatile fabric can be worn in every season and is skin friendly too....

it is available in as many hues as possible right from bright vibrant colors to pastels and can be stitched up to any choice of design you wish ..... i gave my heart away to this wonderful knee length middie-dress, which was of course light -weighted, a perfect funky color

which looked good on my complexion and it styled up me well....  can't wait to share my picture wearing this lovely frock -style middie by "i wear khadi".... so guys if you've got it! then flaunt it ......

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Rohit Patel
Jun 20, 2019

Nice Article
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