International YOGA DAY for Humanity 2022

India is dubbed as the birth land of Yoga.

Be it a breath of fresh air from the mundanity of your daily routine or an essential part of your exercise regime, Yoga is a wholesome experience for one and all. You must have heard your loved ones asking you to meditate for some time before you get back to that difficult presentation due Monday. It is no secret that Yoga also helps increase productivity. Yoga gives the gift of both rejuvenation and reconnection to your soul.

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1.Yoga Dhoti

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For years, people from all walks of life have been visiting this country in search of tranquillity, peace and spirituality. Why not find yourself in your own motherland? Disconnect yourself from the world and exhale all your worries out. Take a deep breath and relax. You will then be left with nothing but your thoughts and who you really are, as the voices in your head finally give you some room to think. In and out.

2. Yoga Friendly Top  




As you concentrate on your own rhythmic breathing, your mind will be free from all worries. Overthinking can make you a prisoner to your own thoughts.

This International Yoga Day, let Yoga take charge.

The International Day of Yoga aims to raise awareness worldwide of the many benefits of practicing yoga.21-Jun-2021

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Yoga, in this modern age has become a new age style mantra to remain fit and healthy, not only in terms of physical well being, but also in terms of being mentally healthy and sound. Therefore we, at I wear khadi promote and encourage yogic excercises, which are a natural way towards physical and mental well being. For this purpose, it is optimistically important that the yogi wears clothes that let the skin breathe, are comfortable and spacious enough for him/her to perform the yogic excercises. I wear khadi’s yoga collection is meant to facilitate the physical movements performed during excercising, has a high sweat absorbancy, being crafted in khadi cotton, is skin friendly and ofcourse 100% organic and natural.


Make your yoga sessions extremely worthwile in this khadi cotton yoga top with lotus motifs embroidered on the chest.

It’s so comfortable you would want to lounge in it long after your workout.

The tie-up belt will keep you at ease as you perform your asan


Today, YOGA  has taken on several meanings and aspects. Some people perform yoga to keep themselves in good physical condition, some to maintain a healthy lifestyle, some to attain concentration and centralization of mind, and some to overcome stress and depression. We can’t really define it as a mere practice to cleanse our body and minds

Nobody’s life begins perfect; you make it perfect with each milestone you accomplish. And bringing yoga into your life is no less than a milestone. Those who take out the time of 20-30 minutes everyday for a little session of yoga, amidst their hectic schedules of working, eating, sleeping, studying and recreating, well and truly live a great life.

And yoga doesn’t just mean doing breathing exercises and asanas, it means a lot more. Besides being the tool for good physical and mental health, it connects you to eternity. It gives you the feeling of being with the Almighty; being more than just the workaholic or student you were the day before. You feel like all the joys are instated within you, and you naturally toss away all the adversities, all the problems and all the sorrows from your life.

Well, most of us might have already incorporated this beautiful practice in our daily lives, but some are still confronted by the one difficulty: we are deprived of space. India is a widely populous country, and hence most of us live in congested places, where we find it hard to accommodate room for yoga. The best practical solution to this is the construction of a community yoga centre. Each and everyone can contribute some amounts of money and can collaborate together to build a spacey, well-equipped yoga centre, where everybody would be able to perform this spiritual practice on a daily basis.

On the occasion of this International Yoga Day, let’s all look at the bright side of life; the side connected to yoga. Let’s come up with solutions to spread the benefits of yoga and make all the required facilities available for everyone.


Go "Yokha" in these Khadi yoga pants and make every move easy as you do your stretches. The elastic on the waistband will keep your dexterity intact. These khadi traditional dhoti pants will take you back to your roots as you perform your yogic practices.

Get ready to be relaxed with this mesmerizing Yoga Outfit made with Khadi Cotton! With this pair of kurta pant you have an amazing range of motion, these pants lets you move from full lotus to the splits without constriction. The kurta featuring an appealing design, excellent finish will definitely add to your masculine charm and offers comfort and flexibility for any type of yoga. It is made from Khadi that will keep you comfortable all day long.

Comes with 650 ml classic tamba bottle, Trendy Bag to carry the combo and Hand Spun Yoga Mat.


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