IWEARKHADI X Viseasha - Voice for the crafts

Being a sustainable fashion brand IWEARKHADI is always in search of designers that share the same love of weaving the new-world silhouettes with old Indian crafts. Brands that understand and support the hands behind those intricate craftsmanship and believing in building a link between the high-track fashion market and artisans sustaining in the villages.

Recently, our search landed us to a brand which is a beautiful replica of the virtue which our lands behold.

Archita Singh a budding designer and a proud owner of a homegrown brand - Viseasha, that portrays the intricate amalgamation of handicraft culture which resides in the areas of Uttar Pradesh. Inspired by the diverse art and traditional feel of India, each design that Viseasha embodies has its own grace and charm.

To capture these designs, Archita has studied, traveled, and experience the different craftsmanships, arts, and skills of varied regions.

"The roots of the brand has always been there in my childhood stories. Fantasize by the artistic and well-crafted wardrobe of my mother and grandmother, I always feel a connection with the beauty which we as the country holds." - says Archita

Viseasha also aims to create a bridge between the artisans and the ultimate user while supporting the hard-work of behind the craft which always kept underpaid or ignored.

In the designs of Viseasha, you can spot a wide range of home decor merchandise inspired by the cultural ensembles of India. Recently the brand launches its hand-embroidered clutch spurred by the tropical feel of flora and fauna and borrowing some of the designs from plants in her balcony. With the used of cotton threads on the base of soft silk, Archita also provide the collection with a touch of festivity. Additionally, the pastel hues of embroidery is beautifully complemented by the bright tones of the base.

Furthermore, Archita a NID graduate added- 

"Maybe the times are tough for the designers and artisans but still, it'll pass by. But what we've to do as an end-users is to support them and the local brands which continuously act as a pillar for their hardwork"

Scroll down to see a few of our favorite pieces from the brand.






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