Khadi : A freedom we cant live without . A pledge for this Gandhi Jayanti

Khadi : A freedom we cant live without . 



Khadi was truly birth of Indian Independence and a dynamic activist . Its significance cannot be understood or reduced to just a handloom , or an Indian fabric . I feel khadi meant more to Indians. 

This Gandhi Jayanti let us question how we are fulfilling our responsibilities to the nation as we enjoy our freedom . 

Seventy one years after India gained freedom , we need to take this celebration to the next level . 

After all, a vast majority of Indian today has only ever known a free India . 

Do we stop to think of the sacrifices made , and what it meant to be treated as second-hand citizens in our own country?or is that just limited to our history text books ? 

Gandhi jee worked relentlessly to free Indians from the shackles Of poverty , Illiteracy and  unemployment. 

Now , it is our duty to contribute in our own ways ! Our venture is way to spread awareness about khadi and inspire our young generation to adopt khadi in their daily lifestyle. We want to be a platform wherein we are uniting fashion designers, that are fond of our heritage handspun fabric. We are also developing our own niche brand for khadi apparels and lifestyle products . 

Iwearkhadi products are designed on the theme of minimalism , simple and indo western designs . Our brand statement is to celebrate Indian clothing . Our clothing is all made of khadi fabric , which is a handmade fabric of India , made in villages . We wish to inspire through our brand youth to start wearing khadi clothing and a must have in their wardrobes. 

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