Khadi a Good Alternative To Daily Fashion

“Swaraj cannot come through the machine. But if two hundred million people with full understanding produce khadi with their own labour and wear it the face of India will be transformed,"- Gandhiji’s undeterred faith in khadi was one of his most pronounced beliefs and when he says that wearing khadi can transform the whole of India, he wasn’t wrong. Khadi has the potential to bring outstanding positive changes right from the local community to the global stage.

These are some of the reasons why you should use khadi clothing:



‘Go Green’ has become a fashionable statement and why not? Global warming, today, has already started having significant and harmful effects from our communities to our health and our climate. There are frequent reports of extreme storm events, severe droughts, wildfire, heat waves and rising sea levels and global warming is behind them all. Congestion the atmosphere with carbon dioxide which traps heat and steadily drives up the planet’s temperature is the cause of this phenomenon. While we cannot put an end to this altogether, we can play our part by using products that are natural and sustainable. Khadi is one such product. It has zero carbon footprint which makes it an ideal alternative to other textiles which release a lot of pollutants during their manufacturing process.


It’s rare that you come across a fabric that can adapt to different seasons. Khadi is that magical fabric. Come summer and khadi fashion will keep you looking nice and cool. During spinning of khadi the threads are interwoven in such a manner that it provides passage of air circulation in the fabric. But when the heat subsides and winter arrives, you will find khadi keeping you warm. Its adaptability to weather makes khadi truly unique. DURABILITY Another good reason to use khadi clothing is its highly durable quality. Unlike most fabrics, khadi ages beautifully and does not wear out easily. Its inherent strength makes it highly resistant. In fact, khadi sarees are renowned for becoming more exquisite after every wash.



By wearing khadi, we are supporting a rural community of workers. The art of spinning demands hard labour as well as a good investment of time. A widespread use of khadi means a significant increase in employment. When we wear khadi we are ensuring that a poor village producer is getting paid his hard earned dues.


The khadi movement was started by Gandhi ji to boycott the inferior but more expensive mill-spun clothes imported by the British and create an environment of self-sufficiency in every village in India. The fabric is the symbol of our nation’s freedom struggle. By using khadi we are displaying a pride in our history and culture


  • Madanan kamalasanan

    I am fully agree with your great vision and mission…… the true growth of the nation depend up on the development of our village industries like KHADI and associated products…and its proper marketing….

    I have first time made a purchase — a shirt and it fond unique design , excellent fabric quality and workmanship … .. i have verified all on line shopping sites for khadi textiles products .. but your product is really unique and outstanding in all aspects ….kept it up!

    All the best wishes!

    Madanan Kamalsanan,

  • Renu

    Khadi cloths are simple and sober to wear. And looks unique. Get the list of khadi bhandar in amravati.

  • anand todi

    I love khadi /I love Gandhi/ and I love our culture….
    I will make khadi and sell all over the world…its my target to grow the rural areas
    thankz for making me pride proud struggler
    khadi se karenge sabkaaa swagat……..

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