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"My New India of Shanti Ekta aur Sadbhavna " - lines from the speech of PM Modi 15th August 2017 


As the Prime Minister rolls out his vision , in the much awaited Independence Day Address to the nation from the Red Fort - The New India Mission 2022 . The New India - really fascinated me . Like millions of other Indians, I pledged to build a New India by 2022 closely watched the speech on Aug 15 and my thoughts started churning . Can khadi be part of this PM s New India mission ? I got excited  , and as a patriotic Indian , thought that we should take personal responsibility in our own little ways . We 125 crore citizens need to take an expanded view of building this great nation so that we can together by ourselves solve all the problems of of dirt, poverty, corruption, terrorism, communalism, and casteism the country is currently facing.

The biggest democratic country of the world can become No 1 nation with the virtues embedded in the veins of the nation... was my learning from the speech .

As a young entrepreneur my new venture iwearkhadi can be my mascot in New India mission . I thought I can start and show service to nation .


Khadi fabric , as we all know has a rich and cultural past . Right now , it is seeing its best time due to lot of public awareness created by our PM on value of wearing khadi as it directly helps our rural economy to grow. Besides , this beautiful fabric as a natural rich texture and also the most environmental friendly cloth.


Getting a closer analysis of the speech I found The principle of shanti Ekta sadhbhavana inspiring! I feel khadi fabric has the power to weave these principles in us . 


Ekta - oneness


The Origin of Khadi fabric , by Mahatma Gandhi saw a mass movement in  uniting the whole country in one nation. The Swaraj movement started with destroying British clothes and adopting our own handspun fabric - KHADI . Since then all over the country , we have co operative society working in weaving khadi . Khadi speaks just one language all over the country from Kashmir to Kanyakumari...!!!

We at Iwearkhadi, just about want to build this community grow stronger , spreading out khadi love ❤


Shanti - peace  Sadbhavna - in good faith 


If we ponder , how Iwearkhadi can drive in "Shanti " aur "Sadbhavna" is I feel would be inner peace . Inner peace would come when we are able to understand the value Khadi holds for an Indian Heart . The whole process of producing khadi  runs through my eyes 👀 and each times gets me goosebumps! Such is the impact of this handspun handwoven khadi. 


How rural women living a conservative / poor lifestyle get together in a place each morning and spin cotton to make a fabric , all by themselves . It is nothing short of a MIRACLE. 

At iwearkhadi, we feel for the fabric and wish to popularise khadi ! Our tag line 

Made from hand , made from heart is very close to me and I firmly believe in it .

With this Startup , I want to be part of New India Mission 2022 , strongly dedicating to the cause of khadi !

-By Roopika Rastogi

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