Khadi Is a Winter Fabric- Learn How

Winter has come, folks! Loved by all barre a few, winters have a charm of their own. It sure is a little tough to get out of bed in the morning throughout the season but once you do, its all merry. Though the list of all the good things winters bring along is long, one we’d like to mention is the winter wardrobe and to be honest, we got you covered here.

Come winters, you get to experiment with all the sweater and jacket layering and create interesting looks for yourself. The layering can get a bit overwhelming though and make you look all stuffed up which can be undesirable based on the look you’re trying to achieve. Another issue that might bother some would be almost completely redoing your wardrobe in winters and then switch back in summers. It is also particularly hard to dress up for outdoor events when the fanciest of your party wear is concealed under fluffy jackets and sweaters.

“The solution?” you may ask. ‘khadi’ is our answer. We bet you saw that coming!

Khadi, with its unique characteristic of keeping you warm in winters and cool in summers, is not only winter-perfect but an-all weather, all-season fabric, which means that you get to flaunt the same style quotient throughout the year, wherever you go, and with khadi wear already having made the transition to modern apparel and style trends, and not only limited to traditional Indian clothing, there is no dearth of options when you’re out for shopping.

The loose weave of Khadi helps create air pockets which possibly help maintain the body temperature by not letting the air outside intrude.

Hence, the khadi jackets or ‘sadris’ (popularly known as Nehru-jackets) you’d wear in winters to keep you both warm and trendy, can still be worn in summers, thereby keeping your swag intact and your budget in check while making sure that all that designer wear need not hide behind layers of wool anymore; and while we’re at it, don’t forget to check out our e-commerce portal for all the great winter-oriented collections exclusively curated for you, with all our heart. After all, its not only the science behind khadi keeping you warm, its our love too.

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