Packaging Made With Love

We’ve said it earlier and we will keep on saying it again - Handmade is uber cool. For a product like khadi and apparels made from it, it is essential we believe that all things associated with it stand for the goodness that khadi essentially represents, i.e. not only being sensitive to our environment and eco-friendly but to the needs of the masses as well (remember the economic beneficiaries in villages?), and for a venture like ours, something that’d make our customers feel special and make them fall in love with us.

So, in case you were not aware, the packaging we ship our products in, are all 100% made from heart.



Ever since the advent of consumerism and perhaps even before that, handmade has been considered the ultimate luxury. We all take pride in owning something that we feel has been custom made for us, a unique product that won’t look the same as any other, unlike machine made industrial products which look all the same. Our packaging is exactly that! Personalized for you to make sure that you take utmost pleasure every time you shop with us and unbox one of our products.



Open the parcel and you get the product wrapped in a brown envelope or a careful poly wrap along with free goodies many a times because why not! Everyone loves free stuff. No arguments there. Period!  And something more that is going to cat your eye is our brown paper tags that carry a quirky quote which we stand by- “Good fabric is khadi said by Dadi”…

A little thank you note tucked with the product sticker accompanies every order. It is our way of showing gratitude to all those who value what we stand for. Packaging might be thrown away but our connection of heart and soul would go a long. #madewithhandsmadewithheart.

To add to the personalization which is what we believe customer experience is all about. We even put in birthday greetings and gift wrap the item when requested by our dear customers to make sure we make all their loved ones feel special too.



Also the free stuff we send in along with the ordered product is not merely for exhibit but items of utility. Our freebie wooden coasters fit well in your drawing room and motivate you to embrace more and more handmade. The motivational quotes on them will keep reminding you of us and that your next order should be placed anytime soon! '




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