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By :IWear Khadi 10 comments

Shagun: Mom I think I am gaining weight.

Mom: Yes you are.

Shagun: From tomorrow onwards I am on dieting.

Mom: Why do you want to be on diet? Start doing Yoga with me in early morning....

Shagun: Yoga?? Will it work?? I have seen my friends going to gym....What do you think about gym??

Mom: Why does your generation run after gym and dieting?? Why don’t you people try something light and healthy?

Shagun: Yoga?? Is yoga really light?





Mom: Yes yoga asanas are easy to perform...I feel you should perform yoga asanas with me it will be very effective...

Shagun: Okay mom I will also join you in morning...

Mom: Yoga is the only exercise in the world you can do at any age. There will always be some posture that will improve your health/body/mind.

Shagun: Mom you have so much knowledge about yoga...

Mom: Yes because I love performing INDIAN YOGA ASANAS...

Shagun: Mom what should I wear while doing yoga?

Mom: While doing yoga asanas you should wear fabric which is comfortable and light.

Shagun: Like what??

Mom: Like Khadi... and do you know that khadi is the oldest fabric which was invented in India 3000year ago.

Shagun: hmmm...

Mom: Recently Pammi aunty told me about “I WEAR KHADI”.

Shagun: What is this I WEAR KHADI?

Mom: It is an online portal which promotes Khadi fabric which is handmade and hand spun by Indian rural artisans. Recently they have launched their TRADITIONAL YOGA KIT.



Shagun: INDIAN KHADI YOGA KIT?? Sounds interesting... what all does it comprises?

Mom: The kit comprises of

  • A (male/female/kids) YOGA VASTRA made of khadi which is comfortable to wear
  • An anti-skid YOGA MAT of 100% jute with the rubber base
  • A CLASSIC TAMBA bottle which is believed to balance all the three doshas in the human body
  • A COMPLEMENTARY KHADI TOWEL that is skin friendly and absorbs sweat readily
  • A YOGA BAG specially designed to carry yoga kit and yoga mat in style

Shagun: And mom what is the price of this kit?

Mom: This kit has attractive pricing with a promotional offer of Rs.1999/-

Shagun: I have read somewhere that khadi is very expensive but this is an affordable price.

Mom: I have already booked one for myself. If you want we can book it for you as well.

Shagun: Yes mom I too want that KHADI YOGA KIT. But how do I book it?






Mom: Just login to ,select your kit according to your choice, add to cart and it’s done. Within few days your kit will arrive at home...

Shagun: Sure mom i will do ...and i will ask my friend to go and check out their latest collection of Khadi wear...

Mom: “YOGA SADHANA IS INHERENT PART OF OUR CULTURE HERITAGE AND KHADI IS CLOTH OF INDIA”. IWearKhadi is taking an initiative to unite KHADI and YOGA together. I am willing supporting IWearKhadi in there initiative.


  By: Priyamvada Rai

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categories : My Khadi Blog

comments ( 10 )

Robert James
Feb 25, 2018

Yoga is very necessary for body. A perfect outfit is very necessary for do this exercise. I think there are perfect outfits by which you can feel perfect during yoga. I have tried to buy some Organic clothing and their products have turned out to be awesome. The fabric of their clothes is also very fine.

Jun 10, 2017

nice concept

Aakriti Dayal
Jun 09, 2017

I run yoga classes, your combo is good, but it’s quite expensive.

Aabid Naqvi
Jun 09, 2017

Can I order it online?
Cash on delivery available??
Any discount if order in multiple quantities??

Jun 08, 2017

Appealing kit:)
Well written?..

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