Some Tips for Those Winter Thrills

Now that winter is here… that time of the year is around you would not want to lose out on your style to the ruthless windy nights or bare gloomy daytime!

All those winter wardrobe essentials one already has or starts to bundle when the fall is ending into winters. But the whole catch is …how to look different and how to have a new look each day when layering is the only option to fight those wintertides..

 1.The Blanket Wraps

When you don’t want to get into a heavy jacket you can slip into a blanket wrap cardigan over a fitted sweater over a tight or denim. Structure any of your oversized stole by belting it up and wrapping around the waist down the shoulders. There are plenty of in which you can deck-up in your stoles to beat the chills that creep in and get a new look each day. You can use classic plaids, stripes or plains as a variety from your wrap collection to get the following look.

The Bandana swirl- Tie the ends of a scarf/stole together and loop it behind your neck for an oversized bandana look.  Tag it along with a long sweater and glam accessories like a sunglass, chunky ankle boots and pretty charms around the wrist to look your winter best!


Twist and throw-out- Put your blanket stole around the neck, twist it once and throw out, leave the ends loose like a layered neckpiece. Zip-up the ankle boots and get going!


The Cape County- Drape the scarf on your shoulder and let it hang till the waist and clinch it on with a fancy belt to show off your curvy silhouette. Slip down your favorite knee length boots to get high on style, those round brown sunglasses will be a cherry on the cake.


The Poncho style- This is just so simple. Put around the shoulder; drape it like a poncho and you’re done.

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2. The Jacket Coordinate


Jackets are winter quintessential, right as the fall fades you start looking for plenty of options that can save a chill down your spine.

But just buying your favorite one isn’t enough…you need to carry it with swag and at the same time snug up to save your skin…The easiest option is to slip down a turtleneck beneath the jacket on a fitted denim with sneaker or boots to win the safest bet.

If you are one of those street fashion freaks you can team up your long jackets with a short dress and knee length boots and may be a cozy winter cap down the ear to save yourself from the bullying of the winds.

The new cool Winter Khadi jackets can superbly help you beat the chills and get into the razzle-dazzle of winters. The fabric being a good insulator with enough air pockets keep you warm and comfy in the winters. You can team it with the choice of tights or trousers, even a fab dress depending on the jacket style you pick with a coordinate of boots and a stole wrap if required to block the winter from slipping through your neck.

So these winters become a layering pro and walk the street in style even on dreary grey days. Be ready with all your accessory tools to get over and win the winter monster…Be it your sassy boots, blanket wraps, trench coats and jackets, your favorite  mid-waist belt or your super-cool sunglasses and not to forget those classy handbags. It just gets to say you need to stop lazing around, throw off your blankets and come down to creative dressing that will keep you in uplifted spirits this season!

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