Style Speak Spring Summer 2018



I am sure all you fashion enthusiasts are interested in knowing what trends to follow this 2018. At the onset of the New Year we all as much interested in knowing the fashion forecast as we are interested in knowing what cards hold for us. Thanks to our fashion-forward industry, many designers have already showcased the SS18 collection.

Pastel lavender shade and other similar hues are surely going to rule throughout the year as the new black. Now the question is: prints or plains what should rock the wardrobes. So the answer is bold wild prints or color blocking patterns will be taking the toll over. But we cannot leave behind the heritage checks which will be seen blended with Havana florals and would not be restricted to coats or pants will be seen covering tops, tunics, skirts all of that!

From innovative animal prints to fruits and palm fronds in canary yellow, orange, red and rust add rustic earthy vibes to your wardrobe this year..


The summers will see bold and bright colors to beat the gloomy state of affairs in the country otherwise (wink)… Summers will also be ruled by the sheer accouter the flowy see throughs and sheer coats will be the spell of the season…

The colors of SS18 will predominantly be Pantone Purple which is a symbol of royalty, nobility ambition and wealth.

The second on the palette is pink- symbolic of feminism and compassion. Next is my personal favorite Blue that stands for tranquility, integrity, loyalty and trust.  

Next to follow are shades of yellow and orange that will bring you the much needed warmth and energy after the winter chills and fill you up with bundle of joy and success.

Pantone red and brown are also being seen in prints and checks and both these stand for longevity and strength, passion and energy.

So now you know what you wear is what you become stands so true after all…

All these we trends you will see in I Wear Khadi's upcoming collections and you need not say thank you at all...just be prepared to add up all in your wishlist.... 

Happy shopping SS18!!

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