Coming out of winter blues when we step into the sunny days, not to say that the winters went bad… but now we can rest our eyes on more colorful life around!

 As the sorbet shades and plant motifs take toll on the ramps of Milan we choose to follow suit.

We’ve had pineapples, florals and animals and have now chosen to go with the humble succulents, so well suited for the summer moods.


Now it is easy to go boisterous, quirky and all colorful with the gelato hues up the fashion charts blended in playful silhouettes infused with plant themed motifs that penetrate our story for the Spring Summer 2018.

 We are loving the entire amazing cacti trend from last year itself and we are sure you are going to love them too!


From wallpapers to prints to props, the popularity of the cactus speaks to an obsession with desert culture and its new age tendencies.


Their versatility and heartiness make them the perfect plant for those of us on the go. They require little care but make a really big impact in the environment. Known much for their endurance these high spirited plants will lift your moods up besides making you look “Fun-tastic” as you step out in the summer sunshine clad in #CactusLife range.

 Keeping the collection youthful and bang on trendy our spiny little cacti, some potted ..some uprooted and few scattered in bits, have spread over majorly the pleated and paneled tunics, high neck tops and crop tops in natural Khadi fabric that echos with the adolescent jingbang! I Wear Khadi brings out the love for these amazing succulents translating them into apparels which add a little more charm to fashion trends this spring summer.



The serenity of white, the cool as cucumber green, platonic pink and mauve is the palette of our #CactusLife collection.

Whether you plan to spend your summers at the beach, the pool, or in a tent bring along one of these summer favorite dresses and tops to share with the entire family!

 Shop Now- https://www.iwearkhadi.in/collections/cactus-collection

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