Ways of Styling and Draping A Khadi Saree

Khadi has become a go to fabric for the millennial because of its comfort and style quotient. Nowadays, you can spot many celebrities sporting elegant designer khadi sarees. However, it may not always be very practical to splurge on designer wear as that would not be financially feasible. It's time to get crafty and creative with that plain khadi saree that you own. Nowadays styling your clothes differently changes the look of the most traditional attire into that of a modern one. If you have managed to get your hands on an amazing khadi saree of your mom or grand mom these five draping techniques will help you turn that traditional saree into a cool and fashionable drape.

1. Wrap Around the Neck

For that modern avatar in these Hindustani six yard drape all that you need to do is pleat your saree the regular way and twist the pallu across your neck in the form of a scarf.  You can try different scarf styles to go contemporary. You can even grab a pair of shades and a leather bag to add cherry to your indie western look.


  1. Hung along the Hand

This drape style is more or less the regular one which you must have laid your hands on… Simply pleat your saree and let the pallu hang on your left shoulder along the hand. This draping style is ever graceful and makes it easy for you to flaunt your pallu. One little tip, when you take up this draping style you should tie-up a little bun to let the focus remain on the intricate saree borders.




 3. Over the Right Shoulder

Another great way to do your Khadi saree is to let your pallu fall down your right shoulder starting from back to the front. This draping style lets you flaunt your heavy blouse that adds zing to your plain khadi cotton sarees.

4. Butterfly Style

This style is the favourite of all flat tummy damsels with a petite structure and is commonly seen on bollywood celebrities too these days. The trick is simple, just pleat the pallu into a thin strip and spread it in a butterfly like structure around the torso and let the pallu rest on the left shoulder. This drape form will add a sensuous yet elegant look to your docile Indian beauty.

 5. Alternate Bengali Style

              You can drape your Dhakai Jamdani Sarees in this fashion. Not exactly a Bengali drape form but alternate Bengali style as we call it draws its inspiration from that draping stlye.  In this style you need to pleat your pallu horizontally along the border such that the pleats fall down in a slanting manner with the first pleat being the shortest in length. With this draping technique you can earn a title of a ‘’fashionista’’ carrying it high on the style quotient.


In addition to these draping techniques another simple way of adding uniqueness to your otherwise simple and elegant Khadi Sarees  is to club these sarees with heavy blouses or quirky crop tops.

Brocade blouse/ printed blouse/ Kutch work blouse with a plain saree

You can pair your plain khadi saree with beautifully embroidered blouse pieces that are easily available in the market. Embroidered blouses come in various works and designs. One can choose from brocade, floral / geometrical prints, mirror work, kutch work and many more. You can even choose to go quirky by wearing your traditional drapes with funky crop tops. Get ready to grab some attention with this smart look!

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