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All About Chikankari Outfits

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Chikankari embroidery is a heritage art technique that boasts of desi as well as western patrons. If you don’t already own a chikankari outfit then you’re missing out! Read on and fall in love with chikankari embroidery designs.

And what greater than combining one tradition with another, mixing and creating New collections by combing both Chaikankari with our Specialty khadi, Khadi cotton and Chanderi is all we are serving to our Nation.


Delicate, romantic, dreamy and subtle – chikankari embroidery designs are undoubtedly a delight.

Originating from Lucknow, India and having its roots in the Mughal era, chikankari embroidery is not simply an embroidery technique – rather, it is an ancient art form.

Chikankari technique is unique and stand-alone amongst all the traditional embroideries.


While modern chikankari has been mixed and consolidated with other traditional techniques the core of chikan work stays true to its roots even to this day.

Like all Mughal-origin artforms, chikankari motifs are based in nature. Bountiful flowers, leaves, paisley patterns are most common with this style of embroidery work and lucknow chikankari art-work.

While there are many different types of chikankari embroidery – like ‘hool’ (eyelet stitch), Jaali work and Banarasi styles – The most popularly loved is the ‘Bakhiya’ or shadow work.

Shadow work – which involves using the back-stitch, chain stitch and the running stitch to embroider white-on-white motifs from the back-side of a translucent fabric creating a shadow effect – is immensely prevalent in today’s lucknow chikankari and modern-day chikankari inspired fashion.

Chikankari embroidery stitches are not only soul-pleasingly beautiful but also manage to weave more than just beauty into folds – woven in there is also history, tradition and cultural evolution!

Styling tip – Keep it casual by pairing your beau chikan embroidery dupatta with a plain solid coloured kurta and palazzo outfit for that cool desi-girl vibe! Or go all out in co-ords.


Traffic- Stopping Chikankari Suits!

Most commonly worn and loved in the suit-set format, chikankari is used in kurta-sets in many versatile ways!

So show some love and get yourself a fabulous chikankari outfit to rock your next bash or just get slaying your daily life in chikan kari.

Until next time – stay fabulous as always!


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