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We Bring Good Things To Life

What We Do?

At IWEARKHADI, we are driven by the spirit to bring the emporium of Khadi fashion, which combines ethical craftsmanship and time honored designs to encapsulate timeless fashion, delivered right at your doors

Why We Want To Do This?

Roopika Rastogi Gupta had a thriving legal career after finishing her masters from University of London. She had been practising for 4-5 years and one day, she decided to give it all up. Why? For preserving the true heritage of our country- Khadi. Her “love affair”, as she calls it, The uniqueness of Khadi can be traced back to indian freedom movement, wherein Mahatma Gandhi promoted the spinning of Khadi for rural self‐employment and self‐reliance. In this machine‐age, khadi craftsmen work round the clock to produce the handspun fabric. We, as citizens of the country, owe a duty to promote and preserve our heritage for the value it holds to us and the generations to come. IWEARKHADI supports sustainable practices and aims at nurturing the beauty of traditional craftsmanship. We emphasize on curating merchandise from best khadi brands across the globe with an intent to deliver products that are unique, comfortable, and of heirloom quality.

We Aim To

We aim to make Khadi, the revolutionary fabric, an integral part of the fashion industry, and deliver good quality products at a competitive pricing, without compromising on our social and ethical responsibilities.With our extensive product portfolio, hassle free customer service and doorstep delivery, the whole team of IWEARKHADI is dedicated to revive the ancient process of the handspun and make it popular on a global platform. Let’s Embrace Khadi! So what’s in store for the future? The team of 8 sees a lot to be done yet. They are now aiming to scale up operations and increase the number of weavers they have on board. A true “Make in India” venture, I Wear Khadi is a brand we all should be proud of.

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