Celebrating 151 years of Mahatma Gandhi

"Khadi is the sun of the village solar system. The planets are the various industries that can support khadi in return for the heat and the sustenance they derive from it. Without it, other industries cannot grow. But during my last tour I discovered that, without the revival of other industries, khadi could not make further progress. For villagers to be able to occupy their spare time profitably, the village must be touched at all points."

Khadi means handspun and handwoven cloth. Back in 1918, a movement was started by Mahatma Gandhi as part of a relief program, for the villagers. Gandhiji emphasized that Khadi should not be used just as cloth but to be worn with the values which are inseparable to it.

According to him - ‘I believe that where there is pure and active love for the poor there is God also. I see God in every thread that I draw on the spinning wheel.’

Mahatma Gandhi believed in bridging the gap with a special bond of unity between the classes and masses through a common occupation. He witnessed great social value in hand-spinning. It was for economic, cultural, and social reasons that Mahatma Gandhi established the Khadi Movement. In 1934-35 he extended the idea from attending the poor individual to the self-reliance of whole villages. In 1942-43 he had sessions with workers groups and village organizers to re-organize the whole program on a bigger country-wide scale. As he says

Khadi is not merely a piece of cloth but a way of life.

Khadi is the symbol of our Indian textile heritage. With the changing in times, khadi has also evolved itself through times. Nowadays it has become a statement of fashion.

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