Decorate your Home with Artistic Handmade Cushion Covers & Rugs

In the age of instant decor and fashion, anyone can fill up their homespaces with varieties of things. But to express an emotion through a space, the addition of handicrafts are a necessity. These artistic handicrafts home decor help to transcend the beauty of any home, like a dream helping to weave in a narrative tale or a poetry. 


Charkha Tales have designed a wide range of handmade artifacts, especially some attractive range of cushion covers. These decorative pieces are made by the skill of artisans that have intertwined the beauty of its land, culture & tradition in it. 


Charkha Tales cushion covers are amalgam with the block printing done by experienced hands and prints that are inspired by the serene beauty of our nature.


The most attractive thing about these handmade cushion covers is that with every piece brings something new on the table and gives your home not just simple in fashion decor but it takes it up a notch giving it the vitality and warmth it needs.


At Charkha Tales we have a unique collection of handmade cushion covers & other home decor items which can elevate your interior and give it a new look altogether.


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Decorate your Home with Artistic Handmade Cushion Covers and beautiful rugs.


1- Hand Block Printed Cotton Cushion Covers

Blue Block Print Cotton Cushion

Purple Block Print Cotton Cushion


Green Block Print Cotton Cushion

2- Gota Compliment Cushion Covers

     Blue & Pink Gota Compliment Cushion Cover

Magenta  And Emerald Green  Gota Compliments Cushion Covers

3- Handmade Klim Rugs

Azzaro Cotton Kilim rug

Iceberg Cotton Kilim Rug

Ombre Kilim Rug

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