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Quarantine Break: Unleash the beauty of nature in your style diaries

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"To unite the mankind, we heal the Earth."
Mother earth has thousands of ways to guide us and unite us to our natural essence. Maybe the severity of these tough times is because the Universe is trying to direct us into something pure, elegant and more essential to our well beings.
All things seem too absurd during these uncertain periods.
It's going to be a month since we've packed ourselves in our houses. Though there are many ways to criticize the situation or become helpless. And trap ourselves in a negative mindset. But for a moment if we take a deep breath in and look around, there are several things which we can be grateful for. 
 And it's the best time for us to reconnect with our mother earth. 
She is healing so does us!
Below are the few tips which you can use to upgrade your everyday life to make your lifestyle more organic and natural.

1.Revamp your wardrobe with some green silhouettes.

I Wear Khadi have always found new ways to unite our true essence of cultural style by weaving traditional rituals with modern tales. Every time our designs, collection, couture, and silhouettes have described the aesthetic elegance of fusion in different ways.
So, why not look back in our mundane style notes and let's reconnect our wardrobe with styles that are natural, pure, comfortable and voguish at the same time.
Dark Green Round Necked Nordic Embroidered Dress With Side Pockets
₹ 1,650.00 INR
Indigo Dress With Hand-block Print & Sequin
₹ 2,599.00 INR
Purple Triangle Patches with Embroidery detailing Dress
₹ 1,999.00 INR

2.Entangled the vows of nature in your living room

Nature is in us and we belong to nature.
The more we surround ourselves with emerald decor the more we feel connected and blessed. Our new range of cushion covers is all implanted to enhance the serenity of your living room.
Flamingo Tropical Printed Cushion Cover
₹ 450.00 INR
Cream Flamingo Printed Cushion Cover with Pearl Tassels
₹ 420.00 INR

3. Accessories with a gleam of delighted embroidery

Our sumptuous range of handbags and pouches are a perfect partner to compliment your everyday look. They're friendly, spacious and intricately hand design by artisans to enhance the charm of your overall look. These ravishing amulets are must-have to revamp your accessory collection for the season.
Maroon Printed Tote Bag In Khadi Cotton
₹ 990.00 INR
 Light Grey Pouch With Embroidered Elephant And Bird Motifs
₹ 1,039.00 INR
 Yellow Floral Spectacle Pouch In Khadi Cotton
₹ 438.90 INR

4.Must-have fabrics to weave earthy elegance 

Crafted in khadi cotton these handloom fabrics are perfect to tailored into your favorite apparel. Ideal frames to sutured varied types of shrugs, tops, and kurtas. Sit back and relax while scrolling down our wide range of crafted fabrics, opt for that perfect design and make your dream dress come true.
Leafy Green handloom Cotton Fabric
₹ 225.00 INR
Blue Khadi Cotton Fabric With White Spots
₹ 275.00 INR
While you relax at the comfort of your home and shop with us, we as a concern marketplace would keep in mind your health and safety. The product delivers to you at your doorsteps would be fully sanitized and packed keeping in mind the hygiene terms of these days.
So, shop with us and rejuvenate your vogue with the sprinkle touch of nature's glow.
Explore the collection now and Get UPTO 20% OFF.

For any queries, write to us at iwearkhadi15@gmail.com

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