Unlimited options in Women's Fashion: From Chikankari kurtas to sarees

Unlimited options in Women's Fashion: From Chikankari kurtas to sarees

When it comes to women's fashion, they cannot simply wear anything, especially Indian wear. Instead, they want something unique every time and Charkha Tales is here with the best collection of women's fashion which is 100% eco- friendly and made from khadi and cotton fabric .you will find unlimited options.

Chikankari Dress for Women


A colorful Chikankari Dress for Women , Chikan Embroidered Dress for women can be one of the lovely things one can go for this festive season because it will be perfect when appropriately styled. For example, you can choose Wine Chikankari Cotton Dress for a night event; the color will look stunning. We have many options in Chikankari dresses, like Mint Green Utsav Chikankari Dress and Beige Chikan Embroidered Dress.. Going with Light Purple Utsav Chikankari Dress can be perfect if you want more colorful. As the wedding season is here, you may choose Mustard Yellow Cotton Chikankari Dress to go with the Indian wedding themes. 

Chikankari Kurta for Women

Lucknowi Chikankari , 400-year-old traditional embroidery style from Lucknow region of North India . There are 36 types of stitches that an embroiderer has to know when dealing with chikan craft .


Chikankari Kurta for Women can be one of the best things you can make, especially if you have an office party or a casual day out; you can choose the Sky Blue Hand Chikan Work Kurta Set for the office. The kurta will look classy; Charkha Tales provide the most stunning quality chikankari kurta options in almost every color you are looking for; we have the following colors and design, which are the highest-selling options:

Linen Cotton Sarees Online


It is well said that a saree is one of the best things one can wear on every special occasion. If you want to know the best fabric for a saree, you can purchase Linen Cotton Sarees Online from Charkha Tales. You can get Pink Embroidered Linen Saree or Emrald Green Linen Zari Saree if you want to wear light colors and need a classy look. We have other options too in colors, such as: 

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