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Yoga fashion and accessories

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                                               Do yoga in khadi style



Yoga, in this modern age has become a new age style mantra to remain fit and healthy, not only in terms of physical well being, but also in terms of being mentally healthy and sound. Therefore we, at I wear khadi promote and encourage yogic excercises, which are a natural way towards physical and mental well being. For this purpose, it is optimistically important that the yogi wears clothes that let the skin breathe, are comfortable and spacious enough for him/her to perform the yogic excercises. I wear khadi’s yoga collection is meant to facilitate the physical movements performed during excercising, has a high sweat absorbancy, being crafted in khadi cotton, is skin friendly and ofcourse 100% organic and natural.

On purchase of two items get free yoga bag.

                                    Our copper bottles for sips of health

It has been an excellent ancient Indian habit to store water in copper bottles. Drinking water stored in copper bottles has several health benefits. Copper has antioxidant properties. It has the ability to fight free radicals. Copper helps in the production of new skin cells. Store water in the copper bottle overnight to get the most out of them. Copper helps in breaking down fat and eliminates it effectively. It helps in the smoothening of the digestive system. Copper has anti bacterial properties and destroys bacteria in the human body. Copper is also further known to relieve inflamed joint pains in the human body. If you drink two –three glasses of water, stored in a copper bottle over night, that is enough to supply your body with sufficient beneficial amount of copper, which further helps to neutralize toxins in the human body.

       Your body can get good amounts of copper from dietary sources like nuts, whole grains, lentils, seeds, chocolate, dark green leafy vegetables, potatoes, peas and cereals. Drinking warm water stored in a copper bottle improves metabolism and also regulates the functioning of the liver and kidneys, cures hypertension, regulates heart rate, blood pressure and lowers bad cholesterol. The medical fraternity believes that copper is essential to regulate the correct secretion of the thyroid gland, so water stored in the copper bottles beats thyroid related problems too. Copper also helps in the absorption of iron in the body, therefore it helps in curing anemia. So, now onwards drink water stored in copper bottles only for it’s astounding benefits.

                                 Know about our khadi mats and rugs


Add style and beauty to your beloved home with our 100% khadi cotton, washable, highly absorbant, organic, eco and skin friendly, handmade, handwoven mats and rugs. They have a soft and comfortable texture. Ideal for spreading on the floor, grass, decorating the house.






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