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Copy of Satvik brown Wrap Style Yoga Top-

Rs 1,562.00

Looking for a yoga top that can be used for casual wear too? This Satvik yoga range beige top is the right choice then. It has an embroidered detailing on...

Satvik White Tie-Up Yoga Top (748636471404) Satvik White Tie-Up Yoga Top (748636471404)

Copy of Satvik White Tie-Up Yoga Top-Dhoti

Rs 2,000.00 Rs 1,599.00

Tie it up for Yoga! these crop tops with a great sense of appeal will be the best to perform your spiritual yogic practices. Crafted in Khadi cotton this yoga...

Blue Divine Yoga Pant

Rs 1,250.00

With seamless comfort and style we bring to you Khadi Satvik Yoga collection. This blue pant for this Yoga Day You can perform your yoga practices with great comfort in...

White Harem Khadi Yoga Pants

Rs 2,363.90

This comfortable khadi yoga vastra in soft khadi of 100 counts is an ideal cloth to perform your yogic routine and even great for meditation purposes.This light weight khadi unisex...

"Yoga Time" White Pleated Khadi Cotton Yoga Top

Rs 1,428.90

Make your yoga sessions fun in this comfortable khadi cotton top in white color with pleats on the empire line. The small embroidered motif on the top symbolises the peace...