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"Aurelian" Light Yellow Cotton Khadi Saree

Rs 3,000.00

Feel the touch of Gold in this comfort wear handwoven saree. Highly versatile for both day and night wear, glide through the warm summers in breeze whilst also managing to...

"Elite" Peach Cotton Khadi Saree

Rs 3,000.00

Drape this modern 6 meter of elite piece and mix it up with subtle accessories to breeze into your daily work matters/ warm day brunches. Light as a feather and...

"Forest" Patched Khadi Dress

Rs 1,600.00

Define your days with this easy going 'forest' green patched khadi dress. Constructed carefully from the handwoven leftover khadi fabrics, it gives you the liberty to enjoy both sustainability and...

"Serene" Patterned Khadi Full Jacket

Rs 1,800.00

Wear serenity with grace and comfort. The handwoven Khadi fabric leftovers are carefully pieced together to create an easy going breathable jacket to accompany you through those jammed packed days...

"Puzzled" Patched fabric Folder

Rs 800.00

We have stitched myriad of colorful leftover fabric pieces in aesthetic synchrony to bring delight to your official needs. Making your documents handy and organized. Topped with a Snap button fastener...

"Ditsy" Daisies Embroidered Khadi Laptop Sleeve

Rs 800.00

Dotted with scattered fresh daisies, protect your laptop with this subtle delight when not in use or when in move. 16.5" X 11" in dimensions, it provides ample space for...

"Mystic" Fish Kalamkari Folder

Rs 800.00

Inked with mystical fishes, this hand painted Khadi Folder is an ode to the Indian Art Culture. With two sleeve pockets on insides and a punch hole document holder- it...

'Spring Bloom' Handwoven Khadi Laptop Sleeve

Rs 800.00

Bring green efforts closer, without compromising on style and functionality by choosing our Handwoven Floral Khadi laptop sleeve. Apart from the eco-friendly fabric choice and intricately hand-sewn florals by our...

"Delightful" Floral mix Hand-blocked Cotton Saree

Rs 3,000.00

Bringing a mix of floral 'delight' pressed on the length of our cotton drape. The natural prints and dyes along with the fabric are skin friendly, hence why becoming a...

"Sophisticated" Grey Silk Ghicha Saree

Rs 3,850.00

A versatile choice, the muted tones of this saree makes it perfect for your formal wear or a casual day out event while still adding a punch of liveliness with...

"Magenta Magic" Pure cotton Saree

Rs 3,000.00

Embrace the power of your feminine-self in this sharp magenta-black saree. Attend your formal meetings or go out for a day-spree in this easy maintenance-breezy saree to feel sharp with...

"Festivity" Maroon Men's Long Kurta and Bottom- Set of 2

Rs 2,100.00

These khadi cotton Kurta are all time classics!!These handspun comfortable khadi shirts with vibrant colour with the travel theme running accross are going to help you sustain sustain summers.The interplay...

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