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A New Fangled Avtaar – Khadi with Lucknow Chikan n Tye Dye

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Fashion is something which changes every day but still, there are certain fabrics which have kept their charm as is and even evolving day by day. Khadi is one of them, popularly identified as national fabric because of its roots & role in Indian independence and is emerging each day with a new flavor of aesthetic looks. Khadi, a remarkably easy and comforting fabric fits every occasion; no matter whether you are attending any casual or formal function, or any tradition ceremony or business meeting, Khadi suits to all.


 Earlier Khadi was all alone is the master but now designers have used their much creative skills to blend this fabric with other traditional exquisite mirror and thread work to create pleasing attire. One such style is using traditional Gota Patti on Khadi fabric which is utmost perfection and totally eco-friendly too. Every fashion house and big designers are experimenting on this homegrown Khadi fabric, to create many elaborative designs.




If you talk about lehnga, saree or suit for any wedding or festival, then 'Gota Patti' is something which can't be left behind. The magic of its sparking and stunning look catches the eye of everybody. It’s loud, classy, beautifully subtle yet elegant. If you are from north India then it would definitely or it would be correct to say that it is invariably part of your wardrobe. 

But now gone are the days when Gota Patti was a part of only synthetic, georgette, Bandhini, chiffon, and silk fabrics, which were flaunting enough to describe any dress. Now, it’s an era where national fabric, Khadi Kurta, is meeting with traditional symbols, Gotta Patti. It has given an all new meaning to the fashion. When blended well it not only creates a magnificent look but at the same time also gives cool and calm comfort.

 Gota Patti  https://charkhatales.com/collections/thread-work-sequin?page=2work on Khadi looks stylish and elegant besides being ethnic. Khadi Sarees, suits, and kurtis whatever it is when amalgamated and stitched with Gota Patti is just a marvelous fashion piece. Although Gota Patti on synthetic fabrics make the attire beautiful they are not at all comfortable, they became heavy as Gotta patti work is itself weighty and being synthetic fabric, they don't hold it well. On the contrary, Gotta Patti on Khadi gives a very comfortable feeling and it holds the Gotta Patti work well; you'll not feel heaviness in the dress.


Finding these beautiful masterpieces is also not difficult these days but yes getting the actual one is the game means pure Khadi with traditional Gotta patti but not to worry as there is one platform which has these authentic attires i.e. They offer pure Khadi clothes with different options for all. And there clothing under Khadi with traditional Gotta Patti is another treasure. So, if you are looking for a graceful yet thrilling and mesmerizing dress.


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