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Christmas Is Here! Get Nostalgic Now!! Winter Sale in ON



Its Christmas time again. Finishing up the year with holiday season is cool, isn’t it? Its that time of the year when you keep the worries of the year that has almost gone by and the expectations for the year that’s knocking at our doors, both, at bay. Christmas means cakes. Christmas means candies. Christmas means Santa and Santa means gifts. Believing in imaginary guardians ain’t new but hey, atleast everyone openly indulges in it during the course of these few days. Like everything else that is grand and festive, we all have memories of Christmas from the good ol’ childhood days.

Going to the church with your family and friends and lighting a candle must be one, for sure, but summoning the artist in you to scribble the fanciest of the Christmas cards, was something that truly completed the holiday experience. Agreed?

Random squares, circles and triangles with doodles of Santa, your friend, you and the gift boxes wrapped in ribbons with fancy knots. Heck, we didn’t even have internet back then to copy a kickass Christmas message into our cards, but whatever we wrote was still kickass. The exchange of cards was something really special and meant a lot more than bought gifts, even as kids. It was creative, it was handmade, it was unique and it was one of the most personalized things one could give to you and was totally worth collecting and keeping safe for years to come.

   As adults, more often than not, we seem to be too busy or sometimes, lazy to take the initiative and make a card for our loved ones. The make-do is done mostly with gifts bought off of the market. But as you must know by now..we actually DO care for you and believe in spreading love and happiness especially when it comes to handmade stuff. So, we decided to send you beautiful Christmas cards with your order. Its got wishes..its got a lovely Christmas tree and its got the coz we never forget the handmade thingy..nope..never. So, spread the love and take some time out to make personalized cards for your loved ones (even if its for nostalgia’s sake), like we did for you. We’re sure it’ll be the reason of a big beaming smile for them. You know that smile as soon as we mention have that smile right now infact, and you know its worth all the time you’re gonna spend. So, go ahead and make them cards and yeah..Merry Christmas from

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