Feeling Patriotic? Support your spirit by wearing Khadi this Republic Day!

This Republic day celebrate and support your patriotic vibes and sprits to unleash the real patriot inside you. Khadi has always been connected and recognised with the freedom struggle of our country and was amongst the favourite fabrics of our Bapu, Mahatma Gandhi. The fashion journey of Khadi fabric is a unique yet enduring one. It has seen some of the toughest times in its struggling days, where it almost lost its identity and existence in the midst of the past fashion trends and stylising techniques.

The journey of Khadi:

Not almost every country uses a fabric as a tool and medium to achieve and sustain freedom. But, India is one such country where Khadi was used as an essential and very important medium to reach the freedom stage of the country. The word of Khadi is itself being derived from the Hindi word “Khaddar” which is used to describe a hand spun and handwoven fabric in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh.

The historical Significance of the Khadi Fabric, especially in the country’s freedom struggle:

The father of the nation, Mahatma Gandhi used Khadi to regenerate and re enhance the country’s economic status during that time. The bespectacled man wanted to make the Charka (the spinning wheel) to be the very foundation and basis of our country’s freedom struggle and as an assistance to regenerate the economic status and condition of the nation. He did not just revive the India’s flagging Khadi industry, he even made a humble appeal and request to the people of the country to take up Khadi as a symbol of all things made and produced under the supreme tag of Swadeshi.

He further encouraged the people of India to take up Khadi as their national fabric and then asking them to boycott everything made and produced under the British reign and regime.

How the Fashion craze and love for Khadi fabric began?

Khadi got its first recognition and support in fashion game in the early 90’s and by then it has almost become a vogue and was considered as an exquisite fashion and style statement. In the year of 1989, Khadi’s first fashion show was organised in Bombay and it was a huge success. Since then, till now Indian Fashion designers and even International fashion gamers are rightly experimenting and innovating with this fabric by ensuring that it remains in vogue forever and that the love and craze for this fabric never really fades away.

So now you know that this Republic Day and even on other days whenever you are feeling patriotic and want to express your patriotism in the most stylised and fashionable manner, all that is required is to simply wear Khadi. It will heighten your oomph factor and pump up the fashion and patriotic spirit in your soul.


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