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2020 is not some ordinary year with ordinary days or events. "The Pandemic Trauma" would definitely reside in the heart of every being who has gone through this restless year. In the sush silence of lockdown, or the juggling of balancing work from home or missing our loved ones we all somehow learn and understand life's greatest lessons in this year. As we're wrapping our 2020, it seems the world is now at a better end. The vaccine is now being offered in some parts of the world do brings hope to our hearts.
Local for Vocal and the motto of supporting domestic brands has definitely opened up a strong economic development within the nation itself. The export markets around the world have adversely effect but it turns out a blessing for the inner chains of brands breathing within the nation. I Wear Khadi is a brand that indulges in the same dream of bringing the cultural heritage of our land into your wardrobe. 2020 was similarly a tough year for us, but there was a silver lining in the cloud. We reconnected with the traditional artisans of the local villagers supporting their livelihood and bringing their crafts into our designs. I Wear Khadi stood out and collaborate with different NGOs to support the local art and crafts.

 2021 Vision-

As we step into the new dreams, passions, and hope of 2021, I Wear Khadi aims to indulge more with different local crafts residing in the heart of India. A women-powered brand is looking for more talent and expertise to join us in our venture of reviving the poised beauty of Khadi fabric. We also strive to collaborate with different online marketplaces to spread the poetic beauty of our tradition.

Design Inspiration:

Our designs are always inspired by the little joy we find in nature. With the collection like Organize Floral, Crochet or Mughal Era we tend to adore your style with dainty prints and patterns. Amidst by Parsi embroidery, mukaish work, crochia or gotta patti, these pieces are beautifully allured with classic tones and glamorous silhouettes. Apart from women, our men's collection is also about the sophisticated charm and elegant look of men's wear. Suture on the base of khadi cotton the products of the collection have their own fineness and texture. A perfect pick for your royal looks.

Scroll Down below to have look at some of our artistic pieces:

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