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Khadi As Tradition & Khadi As Fashion

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Isn’t it too hot these days? Why don’t you be cool then? We present to you a range of exclusive Khadi kurtas that will pump up your style quotient this summer! You may ask why Khadi!


Well, apart from the proud history that Khadi carries with itself, it is also extremely fashionable, particularly for summers. In recent fashion shows, it got a special mention due to its rising popularity.


Khadi as a Tradition and Fashion


Khadi, which is generally hailed as one of the oldest fabrics of independent India, has found a new place in the modern world. Don’t you desire to be a part of it?


Today, a lot of people are trying out various types of khadi wear. Starting from Nehru Jackets to shirts and sarees, you can see Khadi everywhere! In such a situation we don’t see any reason why you shouldn’t buy khadi kurta online from us today!



We have a range of beautiful khadi kurtas that will help you come across as a fashion diva with a great taste in fashion.



Why Khadi for the summers?


We mean, WHY NOT? How many more days do you want to be looked at with the old cotton floral dresses in summer! Wouldn’t you want to try out something different this time? Well! Khadi is the perfect choice for you then!


Being extremely light and soft in fabric, you wouldn’t feel the heat at all in the summers. Particularly, if you go for our range of khadi shirts for sale, you can see that we have kept the colours to be absolutely cool like pastels and other light shades.


Not only are they perfect for your office wear, but you can add glam to your weekend party night as well! Khadi kurtas are the best choice when it comes to going out in the scorching heat today. With their light colours and soft fabric, you can feel the difference!


Charkhatales: Your one stop destination


If you are looking for good quality khadi wear, you are reading the right stuff. You can check out our latest collection in khadi kurtas, shirts and sarees and know which one to buy for your perfect look!


By embracing khadi, you are respecting our great independent history and also slaying it in the crowd! We have a huge collection, right from plain pastels to printed blocks! Do check out our collection today to feel the vibe of something historic and modern at the same time.


We also have interesting suggestions for you to help you get picture perfect for your next party. We urge you to keep coming back to our blog to know more about khadi styling tips!


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  • Khadi is the versatile fabric. It gives warm in winter and cools in summer.

    renu jadhav on

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