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Yoga is said to be a pride of our Indian culture and heritage. The origin of Yoga is considered to be as old a human civilization. Internationally Yoga has been popular and importance of Yoga asans is widely acclaimed. It is believed to be organic and attaches a lot of health benefits.

Anjaneyasana (Low Lunge Pose): Strengthens your knees


Padmasana (Lotus Pose): Calms the brain


Vasisthasana (Side Plank Pose): Improves balance and coordination


Yoga has been deeply understood and adopted in their lifestyle. This popularity led to the culture of Yoga Apparels and accessories (natural and organic) has been accepted. The world is converging into one single platform leading to globalization of traditions. Internationally people have successfully commercialized Yoga and there is an amazing range and variety. People practice Yoga as a way for spiritual growth along with physical and mental well being.

 Have you always been looking for that Yoga clothing?! For most of us dressing for Yoga classes meant a comfortable track pant and a breathable t-shirt, people show -up in very casual comfortable clothing for Yoga. Yoga practitioners have not been able to find the right clothing for themselves.  Iwearkhadi a self-style start-up, it is an online portal that encompasses the khadi spirit has come up with a great idea to fill in market gap for special an eco-friendly YOGA VASTRA to cater to Yoga enthusiasts. In busy times it is essential to take out time for body healing rituals and it is widely accepted that Yoga deals it all. Could you ever think of getting luckier to have Yoga vastra in none other than “CLOTH OF INDIA –KHADI”? It is scientifically proven that khadi is the most suitable fabric that one should wear while performing Yoga. It is a versatile fabric with unique properties of keeping wearer cool in summer with ample amount of air ventilation. This fabric becomes softer and lighter after each wash. Iwearkhadi  has recently launched its amazing Traditional Yoga Kit. Iwearkhadi believes that Yoga sadhana is an inherent part of our Indian culture and khadi is the CLOTH OF INDIA.


Yoga Vastra:

Khadi vastra are light and soft 100% skin-friendly. It has a handcrafted self-texture making each cloth unique in its own way. It inherent strength makes it highly durable. We have also introduced a range of trend one line quotes in this comfortable wear.

Complementary Towel:

 Khadi complimentary towel which is highly absorbant and skin-friendly.

Classic Tamba Bottle:

According to ayurveda, copper vessel balances all the 3 doshas in the human body (Vata, Pitta and Kapha)

Jute Mat:

100% Eco-Friendly mat with Rubber base that makes it anti-skid in nature.

Khadi Bag pack:

A trendy bag-pack specially designed to carry Yoga mat and khadi kit in style.


Both Yoga and Khadi are indeed an integral part of Indian culture so let us be the part of true India, this INTERNATIONAL YOGA DAY support Eco-fashion along with this stylish and TRADITIONAL YOGA KIT. Let us go back to Vedas and rediscover the perfect blend of mind, body and soul.

“Khadi is widening of our mind, whereas Yoga is of the soul”.


By: Shivangi Kapoor

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