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KHADI- Our Nation's Pride

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The troops marching left-right in jaw-dropping synchronization is one highlight of Republic Day that will never cease to amaze us. And accentuating the national spirit are the majority embracing Khadi outfits for this special occasion.
Despite of being nation’s pride, an important symbol in the independence of India, we know very little of this national fabric.
Is it Cotton? Is there a plant name Khadi? And if its homegrown since ages why is Khadi expensive? Why is it so simple? How do I know I am purchasing authentic Khadi?
Don’t worry, we have your answers here.
 Khadi is made from Cotton BUT also from silk and wool and perhaps from furthermore natural sources. Handwoven from natural yarns, fibers and dyed with natural ingredients, these are woven in different part of our countries- amassing from Kashmir, Uttar Pradesh, Bengal and Northeastern Parts.
It is the involvement of artisan’s hands at each step of the process that gives Khadi an uneven beautiful texture, setting each woven fabric apart, in contrary to the mill -run yards that cannot mimic the rawness of this fabric.
And to make this happen, years of dedication are put in perfecting the skills- in spinning, weaving and dyeing.
Which is the reason why they are valued higher- to give fair returns to its creators and to support such clusters from diminishing.
But in addition, it gives far more benefits than what the price tag takes.
Khadi is easy to maintain, can be worn in both summers and winters, lasts long, has low carbon footprint when produced and since its all natural, it is absolutely earth friendly.
Though simple in its construction Khadi isn’t boring.
That’s one misconception. With right design it becomes a staple for even youth to reckon with- yes it can do more than being just a kurta and saree. Denim Khadi- a recent born variant is on rise to become a sustainable alternate to the classic denim that is fashionable even in the western market.
To stay in touch with our roots, here are few colorful authentic fashionable Khadi outfits to get you started with for both men and women:



                               "Grey Classic" Khadi Cotton men's Kurta 





                  "Bhagalpuri" Beige and Purple Khadi Ghicha Silk Saree





                          "White Glow" Mandarin Collared Men's Khadi


                               ":Meera " Embroidered Butta Saree




                                      Khadi Cotton Men's Sadri


Happy Republic Day Folks!

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