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Khadi has taken the fashion world by storm. It is a well loved fabric by the fashion designers too. One should prefer khadi over linen because of it’s over powering benefits. So, let us understand and acknowledge the benefits of buying and wearing khadi fashion wear over linen.

                                 Common qualities of the two fabrics

  • Breezy texture : Both the fabrics, khadi and linen, allow your skin to breathe by promoting the flow of air through the fabrics.
  • Light feel : Khadi and linen have a light feel, that is, both the fabrics are soft and light to the touch of the skin.                                                            
  • Now let us know that how khadi is a superior fabric than linen :              

    • Handwoven And Handspun : Khadi is a handwoven fabric whereas linen is not. Being handwoven and handspun, the production of khadi fabric generates rural employment and man power, as the machine doesn’t cut hands. Linen is a machine woven and spun fabric and doesn’t require that much man power comparatively, thus for economic development and rural employment, khadi is a preferred fabric.                                           
      • Eco friendly/power saving : Khadi is green, zero waste, with zero carbon footprint, and these charkhassave electricity. The move to switch to solar charkhasmakes the khadi industry a shining example of an employment-generating, eco-friendly industry.  The khadi fabric is made from cotton grown with zero pesticides. The linen fabric is crafted from flax plant which is not grown without zero pesticides and is laborious to manufacture.
      • Rural Employment Generation : The Khadi and Village Industries Commission (KVIC) is playing an important role in Indian economy as it covers about 2.48 lakh villages throughout the country. Over the years, the main thrust of KVI activities has been to provide a larger share of employment to scheduled caste and scheduled tribes and women. At present SC/STs comprise nearly 32.0 per cent of workers and women constitute 46 per cent of the work force. In 1992-93, the Khadi and Village industries produced goods worth Rs 270.49 crore and provided employment to 51.05 lakh persons. During 1993-94 the production level increased to Rs 3,490.0 crore and provides employment to 55.50 lakh persons. Whereas this is not the case with the production and manufacturing of linen in India.
      • Fair Wages Guarantee : Since khadi is produced by the rural artisans in every state, it is produced in bulk and economically enjoys advantageous situation for the craftsmen since the demand has increased over the years. Here khadi outshines linen.
      • Better price/value ratio : Khadi is an affordable fabric and it’s utility, life is equally good as compared to linen fabric.


      The above are the reasons, why you should choose khadi over linen.                                                                                                       

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