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Some Interesting Facts about Khadi !

By :IWK khadi 11 comments
Some Interesting Facts about  Khadi !

How is the khadi fabric better than the other fabrics?
The cotton used is grown with almost negligible pesticides. The clothes made of khadi are handspun and handwoven by the rural artisans of India, of whom, 70% are women. The fabric is woven by hand using the naturally dyed yarns to ensure zero carbon footprint and no chemical treatment is given to the fabric, keeping it skin – friendly. Most fabrics available in the market today are produced from synthetic, man made fibers that are chemically derived. Synthetic fabrics like polyester, rayon and acetate not only irritate the skin and cause allergic reactions, they also worsen the skin disorders like acne and eczema. Iwearkhadi’s natural, eco-friendly clothing aims at promoting a healthy, toxin free lifestyle. Woven from natural fibres like cotton and silk, the inherent characteristics of khadi offer breathability, superior durability, natural temperature regulation and superior absorption. Remember to buy clothes that not only look good but also feel good!

Khadi clothes are gaining more popularity these days. Bollywood’s celebrities and politicians donn, promote and admire them. Garments made of khadi fabric are fashionable, sustainable and comfortable in every weather. ‘I wear khadi’ embellishes the khadi garments with machine embroidery, traditional gota patti work, pearl work, badla work, mukaish work, Aari work and other traditional embroideries. Our styles in the fabric are very sophisticated and ideal both for everyday wear as well as on special occasions. Go ahead and give your skin and personality a kiss of the fabric, called khadi.

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Dec 15, 2020

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