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Hand Block Dress & Kurta Collection for Men and Women

"The show must go on"
As our lives move forward in the new-era of post-pandemic life, finding the subtle essence of mundane in it. Bringing back the chores of our old lives, we still have a lot of work to do to draw ourselves back in a proper routine.

Apart from adjusting ourselves in this new world, it is yet to realize that festivity is just around the corner. We might be focusing on bringing our lives back on track but the beauty of these little joys is something which everyone is looking forward to. A must-needed celebration of the year.

In a hope of creating something festivity while keeping in mind the modern-day silhouettes launches its pre-festive collections:
Ancient Hand-Block and Mughal Era.

Ancient Hand-Block:
Intricately adore with the dainty motifs of block imprints and artistic hand-embroidery; these adorable pieces are some of the must-have for the festive season. Graced with low tone hues, accompanied beautifully by surreal silhouettes. Optimize gracefully on the base of comfy khadi cotton fabric.

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Mughal Era:
Finding its roots in the ancient motifs of Mughal artwork, emanating the essence of royal whiff with its silhouettes. Mughal Era pre-festive collection is something that would offer your style a marvelous blend of classic Mughal craft and trendy vogue. With the use of brown and navy color palette blend with pleats and gathering to offer a wave of sophistication in the designs. Adore with intricate hand-embroidery to provide that last touch.*

Scroll down below to have a look at some of our best designs.


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