They call it "THE WILD ROSE"

WILD ROSE- "I never belonged in the garden, I wasn't something to show off or attend to everyday & to remain in a box simply to look pretty".

It's just the perfect time to paas on its beauty from a garden to a garment.
Transferring it to a garments, Inspired by WILD ROSES  we have created Indo western Suits for the ladies who love to flaunt with their Desi look yet want to remain Contemprory.
Roses Beautifully hand block printed on Cotton Fabric and highlighted by using hand embroidery Technique. Our Artisians have poured their heart on these beautiful designs by their effortless hardwork. Pleates and tucks have been used to embrace the grace of these classy outfits.
So, All the pretty Ladies out there, What are you waiting for? Just Let The Indian-ness shots!

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