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Simple DIY painting ideas inspired by our Vintage Chintz Collection

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What to do, what not to do?
Dream comes and go,
I wander back on my sofa thinking
where did they go?
Should I find them or just roam around,
Check up the buds, or clean my bed,
Tear down that song or sing it along,
Is it Monday or Sunday?
Or a bloomy day with a sky yet to pass
What to do, What not to do? 
Well, being in quarantine is surely something which we had never planned for?
Scrolling down our phones, searching for the next web series, or listening to a boring playlist we all stuck in this lockdown all alone and yet all together.
Walking down on the lanes of the past it does remind me what we all love to do when we were kids. When most of our time spent in our homes. Is it that cake we like, or that song, that toy or that doll.
Once again what struck me was in our childhoods we all had a coloring book with a box of crayons to accompany them. We had painted our faces, the walls,dad's office files, mom's diary, and what not. Every spare wall in our house was our canvas. And as we grow up that kid with the colors in hand  lost somewhere in the world of word doc and google sheets.
So, while listening to the news of lock down being extended it hit me why not meet the 5-year old artist who still resided in me. A kid who dream of a fairyland with watercolors and asked the tooth fairy to batter pencil colors.
Roaming around in all those lanes below listed are very easy DIY painting idea which we have used to develop our latest Spring-Summer 2020 collection, Vintage Chintz.
The basic things you would be requiring:
1- Watercolors that are being locked inside your stationery box for so long
2-Few brushes to craft out the designs
3-A white paper or your sketchbook
4-A quiet place near your window
5-A cup of tea and lots of love


 Step 1- With the flow of hand and easy strokes of pencils craft down the design of your favorite motifs on the base. You can easily design them on a paper, a sketchbook, a bag, a t-shirt or a wall. 

Step 2- Fill it up with shades of different hues. Steal some colors from the summer, few from your backyard, and unusual ones from your childhood soirees to paint out the motifs reciting different tales.

Step 3- Let it rest, while you sip that cup of tea which was filling the room with the aroma of ginger and tulsi. 

This is how we created our designs into colorful clusters.

From here we'll take you to the things which you can easily spot in your house and paint them with quirky styles.
  1. Solid T-shirts
How many solid tees do we have in our wardrobe! Much more then we’ve counted last time.
The more pile-up of tees we have the more we get bored of repeating them.
If this is the scenario for you, then why not brighten them up with the colorful floral motifs of our vintage chintz collection.
2.Jute Bags
We have a lot of them in our house, resting on the kitchen shelves or cupboard as we get bored with them very easily. But, what you can do to spell life in those cute little carriers is to paint them with bright and colorful motifs. Below are the few designs which you can easily opt to make them
quirky and cheerful.
  1. Plain Tote Bags
Yes, you've come across this idea very often, but what you don't have was spare time to turn your ideas into designs. But now as the lock down scenario keeps on increasing you can't complain. So, pick up that bag you wanted to color for so long and spread it with your charming ideas.
With all the motifs, designs and color majorly inspire by our latest spring-summer collection Vintage chintz, a gorgeous collection to dive your style this summer.
Each piece is intricately crafted with gorgeous chintz inspired motifs, overlay silhouettes, and a calm color palette.
Below are a few of our designs which you can explore to fall more in love with the serene beauty of everyday vogue.
To explore more visit our website now now and get FLAT 20% OFF on your latest purchase.


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