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Khadi – A Game Changer Fabric In Fashion Industry

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Khadi is a time immemorial handspun fabric has been in existence since early civilizations and was part of everyday life. Although, a few decades ago it was faded but not lost his existence, and with the changing time some designers with their mastery skills worked hard by moulding it to altogether a new tradition. With this, Khadi’s wrap and weft are back not in our daily life but as a game changer in the modern fashion industry with its personified reflection.


Khadi is a name or an idea – of freedom from repression, economic emancipation, and importantly self-reliance. But do you know why modern age well-established and young designers are relying on this fabric i.e. because it's a symbol of Indianness and sustainability. Another important fact about Khadi is that no two or clothing ever looks similar, each and every piece describe itself with different triumph.

Now, Khadi is the most popular among designers not only in Indian designers but with some international designers too because of its versatility and originality. This fabric allows you to do experiment with it, as much as you can, whether you want to use metal accessories on Khadi Kurta’s or or want to get a digital print on Khadi Kurtis, it will be its own signature dress. Is there any other fabric which has this much in it’s offering, absolutely no.

Khadi Kurta

Khadi is now also not limited to Sarees and Kurta's, it has also made its way to the men's formal wardrobe, such as with sharp cut Khadi Jacket's or Blazer’s, which just give a unique but a profligate elegance. Khadi is seen with a variety of colours and patterns with new modern textile technology embroidery, printing, and dyeing. Khadi is just an absolute perfection for many in mainstream ethnic fashion, where their love is bounded with this handcrafted fabric.



Khadi has made the statement true that new innovation is what makes the relevance to contemporary fashion. With this humble and re-invented fabric of India has marked its authenticity in its novelty with low carbon footprints. it's not hard to believe that Khadi is pretty cool as this prehistoric weave is contemporized and shown as an incarnate canvas for modern fashion apparels. If you are looking out for some fantabulous , don't forget to visit, who has given new meaning with its exclusive & elite hand-picked clothing range.


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