I am 25 years old and today the report said “POSITIVE”. Yes I was pregnant. It was an amazing feeling which I could not deny. Today I could feel the same happiness as my mother would have felt. I wish that I could thank my mother for giving me everything that makes me a human being today. For everybody their mothers are the best but for me my mother was very special. When I used to enter my school or college, my co-mates used to make fun of me. I couldn’t get why they used to do this. I used to feel irritated but the rites she taught me never allowed my anger to over rule me.


She was beautiful in her own way. People used to laugh on her but she never replied back to their laughter. For some she was a male and for others she was a female but for me she was only “My mother”. I was only 3 when the mother who gave me birth died. I was sitting beside the garbage area, crying out of hunger. People passing by saw me crying but no one bothered to asked me “what happened to you”?


After a while she came and picked me up in her arms. I could feel the same warmth that I had felt with my mum.

I personally feel motherhood is not the matter of gender but it is the perfect blend of emotions.

Motherhood is beyond the boundaries set by the society. A mother could be a “TRANSEGENDER, GAY or LESBIAN”. She taught me to treat a person like a human being and not according to his or her gender.


SO now on this Mother’s day let’s remove the gender discrimination from the society and let treat all the mothers equally.

Charkhatales takes a stand for all those mothers who showered love and care for their kids, keeping the genders aside.

On this special day Charkhatales NOT only wishes you but also salutes the motherhood.


---Priyamvada Rai

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Happy mother’s day for content writers​ mother..your lines touch my soul ;)


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